Code Reading Club

Who We Are

We're a group of students, software engineers, designers, and open source contributors who are passionate about creating and designing software.

We believe in incremental improvement and continuous learning. We also believe in fostering inclusive, collaborative environments.

What We Do

As you might've guessed, we (mostly) read code! Specifically, we follow a model similar to that of book clubs, which means that we read, then discuss what we read and topics related to it. For instance, if we were reading/studying source code from the popular Python HTTP library, requests, we might discuss the important data structures used by the library, the architecture and key components of the library, and notable implmentation details we notice.

How We Do It

We hold 1 hour meeting sessions over Zoom. At the beginning of each meeting, we give a short introduction/recap about the code we'll be studying.

How You Can Join Us

Update: Code Reading Club currently has a high number (~30) of subscribers. To ensure that the quality of the sessions doesn't suffer tremendously, subscriptions are currently closed. However, we plan to resume subscriptions at a future date once we learn how to handle scaling a bit better. We greatly appreciate your understanding! :)

We plan to host code reading sessions twice a week with a TBD starting date in 2021.


Code Reading Club was started by Zachary Taylor, who was inspired by a lecture on design focused on software engineers and computer scientists given by Dr. Jamie Jennings.