Privacy Policy

Who we are

Your personal information

Your personal information belongs to you. Any personal information we get from you will only be used internally and never shared with third parties.

Contact Information

If we ask for your email address we will only use it to contact you regarding sessions you signed up for, or to notify of future opportunities to engage with Code Reading Club.

Public code reading sessions

Sharing tools

In our remote public code reading sessions we use collaborative tools to allow us to talk to each other and to collect discussion points from attendees.

To keep it simple, we may use publicly accessible links to share these tools. After each session we will aim to make these private or remove them from the internet as soon as we no longer need them to be public.


  • We may record sessions for internal review and we'll notify you when we're going to record them.
  • In case we want to publish a recording of a session we'll ask for the participants' permission to do so.

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns about privacy or would like to talk to us about how we use and store your information, please get in touch.