Workshops, exercises and techniques to help you understand your code better

What is Code Reading Club?

In essence a Code Reading Club is a bit like a book club, and a bit like an escape room.

A small group meet regularly to read and discuss short pieces of code. Each session is facilitated by a member of the group who has selected the code sample for the occasion and who guides the group through a series of exploratory exercises. Over time, the group improves its technique through practice and by experimenting with new approaches.

Experienced developers know that their work invariably involves reading more code than writing it, but little attention is paid to reading technique. By actively training these muscles we get immediate benefits, and it's fun. In professional and commercial settings Code Reading Club is a collaborative tool to help teams:

  • Improve maintainability
  • Demystify unfamiliar code
  • Embrace change
  • Engage in vertical learning
  • Onboard new members

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